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Best of DesignCrowd Contests: Politicians Beyond The Suit

Jo Sabin

Here's a look back on some of our favorite entries from past political design contests. What could have happened at Brisbane's G20... If our world leaders would just agree to go in One Direction. Read more

Design Principles: 6 Design Fundamentals to Guide Your Work

Jo Sabin

If you're a designer daunted by needing to stick to seemingly restricting rules, try to remember that while they are important, they are under your control, not the other way round. Once you know to play by the rules, you'll discover how to break them deliberately without having your design fail. Here are 6 fundamental elements of design, accompanied by a stunning paper art design series by Efil Türk. Read more

Best of DesignCrowd Contests: Celebrities As You've Never Seen Them Before

Jo Sabin

Celebrity contests are among our favorite ways of challenging our designers to show off their skills while having a bit of fun. Here is a collection of some of our favorite previous contest entries, ready to bring some fun into your day. Enjoy! Read more

All You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Jo Sabin

Content marketing is all about educating people to help them find the solutions that they want and need – if your business just happens to offer those solutions, everybody wins! Here is a brief look at what it's all about. Read more

Designer Spotlight: Meet Vaidas, Lithuanian Graphic Designer on DesignCrowd

Jo Sabin

Vaidas Krisikaitis is a professional designer from the Lithuanian capital called Vilnius. He has more than 10 years of experience in designing and had graduated from Vilnius College of Technologies Design (Graphic Design), and from graduated Vilnius Academy of Arts (Graphics). Read more

DesignCrowd Contest: World Without Trees

Jo Sabin

At DesignCrowd we thought we'd reach out to our talented Photoshop artists and ask them to give us an idea of what our world may look like when all trees have gone. The results are as stunning as they are scary. Take a look! Read more

How to Build Trust in Your Business Relationships

Jo Sabin

Nothing will get you further in the world of business than being seen as someone who can be trusted. While it takes time and effort to build trust, it will open doors, create opportunities and do wonders to boost your career success, so make trust a key element of ALL of your business relationships. Read more

Best of DesignCrowd Contests: Hipsters Take Over the World

Jo Sabin

Love 'em or hate 'em, hipsters have well and truly taken the torch from emos for most prevalent and hated-on subculture-that's-really-actually-pretty-mainstream. They seem to have suddenly popped out everywhere; our cities, our movies, our Starbucks... all full of camera-toting, scarf-weaving hipsters. Read more

DesignCrowd Contest: Famous Landmarks in the Wrong Places

Jo Sabin

We wondered what would happen if we keep the people, keep the trees, and keep the landmarks – but shuffle them around a little bit. Suddenly the Statue of Liberty is in Rio de Janeiro, the Sydney Opera House in London, and Mount Rushmore in Jordan. Read more

15 DesignCrowd T-shirts We Want to Wear Right Now

Jo Sabin

Okay, let's be honest. Company shirts aren't often things you actually want to be wearing to a night out. But it doesn't have to be that way. More and more, companies are wising up to what people actually want to wear, and hire talented designers to give them branded t-shirts anyone would be proud to have in their wardrobe. DesignCrowd has its very own legion of these inspired creatives, and has successfully fulfilled hundreds of corporate pleas for fashion. Read more

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