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4 Reasons Why Research Will Make You A Better Designer

Divya Abe

Being a designer is about more than just talent. Research is an essential part of the design process, as it refines your vision, informs decisions and helps you better translate your client's ideas into reality. Without research your horizons would never expand and you'd never know about the latest tools at your disposal. It's pretty simple, really: research makes for better designers. Find out why and how to do it now! Read more

4 Designs You Didn't Know Were Inspired by Michael Jackson

Jane Murray

On August 29, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, would have celebrated his 56th birthday. Albeit much controversy, he was hugely influential not only in music and dance, but also in fashion, and design generally. Here we've collated 4 designs inspired by the icon, some of which may come as a surprise to you. Read more

Design Contest: Minions Take Over the World

Jo Sabin

With Despicable Me 3 in a cinema near you, minion fever has taken over the world again. Giant inflatable minions rolling down highways in Ireland and there have been other sorta unsettling sightings of giant minions running amok. So we launched a photoshop design contest inviting our designers to create graphics that showed us what minions taking over the world could look like. Check out the pics now! Read more

10 Space Inspired Logos in Memory of Neil Armstrong

Jane Murray

Three years ago today, Neil Armstrong died. This article pays tribute to the incredible space hero who became famous for being the first man to walk on the moon in 1969. At DesignCrowd, we love people with vision and drive, and any space related endeavors capture our hearts and minds. Space inspired designs - from spaceships to moons to starts and galaxies - inspire designers and entrepreneurs alike with evocations of a spirit of adventure and even a bit of romance. Here are 10 of our favorite space themed designs made by DesignCrowd designers. Read more

Four Steps to Improve Your Online Customer Service

Jo Sabin

Effective customer service is just about as important as the product or service you sell – once word spreads that your company doesn't respond to queries, or worse, is rude or dismissive, you're in big trouble. Here's a list of things you can do to ace the online customer service game and keep everybody happy. Read more

If Famous Logos Were Honest

Hanna Schenkel

There's a saying that goes "beauty is only skin-deep", and that does not only apply to people. Companies often spent thousands, if not millions, on branding and logos that reflect an impeccable public face, while showing up to be less than perfect behind the scenes. Think BP and Takata. Inspired by the corruption scandals engulfing FIFA and with tongue in cheek, we asked our designers to give big brands a makeover to reflect their behaviour. Read more

10 Buzzing Bee Designs To Celebrate National Honey Bee Day

Hanna Schenkel

On August 22, we celebrate National Honey Bee Day to pay tribute to these hardworkers. It's not just how biologically important bees are to life on earth but their creative contribution that DesignCrowd loves. Bees have inspired artists and graphic designers for centuries because they are not only pretty creatures but they symbolize fertility, energy, diligence and indefatigable effort - characteristics that businesses large and small wish to be known for. Bee (hehe) inspired by these 10 buzzy designs by DesignCrowd designers! Read more

5 Startups Taking the World by Storm

Hanna Schenkel

In the startup scene, companies often grow so fast that they're industry giants before you even heard of their existence. But keeping an eye on those developments can be valuable – it gives insight into market demands, likely future developments, and ingenious new approaches to solving old problems. Here's 5 startups that are currently killing it on all fronts. Read more

Take Your Creativity to New Heights with Book Cover Design

Jo Sabin

When it comes right down to it, we do always judge a book by its cover. A high quality book cover can have massive impact on the success – or failure – of a newly published work. If you're considering to venture into book cover design, there's a few things you should take into account before starting. Here's a list of 4 things you can do to ensure your book cover design will lead to a bestselling book. Read more

6 Ways to Improve Your Visibility Online

Jo Sabin

The last few years have seen an explosion of web businesses, blogs and online content. So if you truly want to stand out from the crowd, taking a casual approach will no longer cut it. We've created a list of essential online tactics to make sure your marketing efforts work and drive customers to your digital front door, phone or shop floor. Read more

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