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See Aussie Politicians Re-Imagined As Game of Thrones Characters

Jo Sabin

Earlier this month MPs in Australia's National Liberal Party called for a leadership spill, undermining Tony Abbott, its party leader and the Australian Prime Minister. DesignCrowd, with tongue firmly in cheek, launched a photoshop contest inviting designers to reimagine Aussie politicians as Game of Thrones characters. Read more

DesignCrowd raises $6M Series B led by AirTree Ventures

Jo Sabin

DesignCrowd, the design crowdsourcing platform, today announced that it has closed a new $6M ‘Series B’ capital raising. Read more

What it would look like if other celebs did Bieber's CK shoot

Jo Sabin

In the past few weeks, Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein shoot has caused a bit of a stir in the celebrity and entertainment media, particularly in regards to the (mis)representation of Bieber's briefs. With such a golden opportunity on hand, DesignCrowd thought it would be irresponsible not to let our community of over 400,000 designers have a little photoshop fun with the original photos. Read more

5 Big Mistakes Startups Make and How to Avoid Them

Jo Sabin

In this guest post from entrepreneur James Pollard, he shares five mistakes from marketing to hiring talent that can trip up early stage startups as they try to turn their idea into a viable business.  Read more

50 Beautiful Riveting Red Logos

Jo Sabin

Did you know that "red" means "beautiful" in Russian - think Red Square translates to "the Beautiful Square" - or that seeing the color red makes your heart beat faster? This may be why red is so eternally appealing for companies, brand and design managers. The color red is bright, robust and timeless, making it a great color of choice for your new logo. Today we showcase 50 examples of creative red logos that express symbolism of heat, power and romance. Read more

12 Big Brands Get a Hipster Makeover

Jo Sabin

When you think of big brands like Nike, McDonald's, Mercedes, Twitter, words like personal, small, local don't leap to mind immediately. What if your favorite big brand got a hipster makeover? We asked the top logo designers in DesignCrowd's 400,000 strong virtual design studio to give conservative corporate brands a hipster makeover. Twenty-three designers took up the challenge to re-imagine 'big' brands as small, cool and local. Read more

How To Create a Company Culture With Only 3 People

Jo Sabin

In a recent article for Venture Beat, DesignCrowd's community manager Jo Sabin shared her top tips for creating a company culture with only 3 people. These tips apply could also be applied to fast-growing startups who want to proactively manage and enhance team happiness. Even with only a few people, you can begin modeling and managing your culture at the stage when it matters most. Read more

Is Marketing Losing Its Magic with Big Data?


In a recent article for Venture Beat, DesignCrowd's Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Ferguson asked the question '"with Big Data, is marketing losing it's Magic?' The notion that a brand can bypass the need to present a compelling offer and to engage honestly with conviction, yet still secure breakthrough sales and market share growth, is not really a new one. Big Data has the power to degrade our creative capacity, the “big ideas” and even the beauty and design that has been a tool of the trade since the Mad Men ’60s.  Read more

Running Your Own Freelance Design Business - What is a Registered Business Name?

Clancy Clarke

As the number of freelance graphic designers grow, so does their need to understand the business side of running a freelance graphic design business. There are varying laws in every country and often states that govern how a freelance designers must set up their business and how they trade. Today, we've got some professional advice from the director of, Daniel D'Alessandro. We hope the below information is valuable. Read more

Visual Design: Best of DesignCrowd 2014

Jo Sabin

DesignCrowd is now a community of over 400,000 designers worldwide offering design expertise in over 40 design categories. To recognise our designers many professional talents we asked our customer support team (aka the Justice League) to nominate their favorite designs from this year. We hope you enjoy the range and quality of designs on display made for enterprising business owners like you by DesignCrowd. Check out the best of DesignCrowd designs now!  Read more

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