Designer-to-designer outsourcing (or D2D outsourcing) occurs when one designer or design related business (a company, studio or freelancer) uses another designer (such as another studio or freelance designer) to complete part or all of a client design project. Designer-to-designer outsourcing is extremely prevalent in the graphic design, marketing and web design industries.

Designers  typically outsource graphic design work to other designers when:
The designer or studio is very busy and needs help with their workload

The designer or studio is looking for growth without hiring more full-time staff

The designer or studio needs help with a specific skillet or style of design
The following diagram shows the basic D2D outsourcing process:
The Designer-to-Designer Outsourcing process
Designers seeking to outsource graphic design work should:
Ensure the cost of the outsourcing is less than their sale price to ensure margin

Ensure that the 3rd party designer will be discrete about their work

Get up-front payment from the customer to ensure theyre not stuck with the cost of outsourcing

The benefits of designer-to-designer outsourcing include:
You can expand your business and increase earnings / revenue

You do not lose clients you would otherwise have won

You can grow capacity with minimal effort and cost

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Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, March 26, 2010

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