Our customers are clamoring for more quotes and (incredibly) some projects are going without any quotes. , If customers are not offering enough money for a logo design or a web design - let's tell them!

A few designers have said "they're not offering enough money". , Well you are the experts, so let the customer know!!! , The market dictates what a piece of work is worth and you (the designers) are 50% of the market. ,

Customers requesting quotes are yelling out "I have money and I want to spend it". , They are red hot leads knocking down your door. , Pick up that mouse and throw your hat in the ring!

What works well when quoting:
  • Quote what it's worth - if a job says <,250 but you think it's worth 400, then quote 400. , For quote projects, the budget is just a guide. , Customers often don't really know what a project is worth. , They don't know how long it takes to create a vector logo or create an enquiry form. , You need to educate them.
  • Ask questions - post questions on their dicussion board, communicate with the customer, show them that you're listening.
  • Give them a quality quote - Customers will infer from the quality of your quote, whether or not your work will be quality. , Make it specific to your customer and take pride in your quote.

Some designers are embracing the quote system. (congratulations to Iconica , and , logoclinic on winning some of our recent quotes). , , Keep up the great work.