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*Drum roll* ... the DC team is extremely proud to unveil brand new graphic designer directory!

We have launched directories for each of our product categories.  Here are some examples:
Graphic designers

We also have directories for countries.  Here's a few examples:

In summary, these new directories are extensive and awesome - but wait, there's more (read below) ...

'Top Designer' Rankings
Another important note - all designers are ranked in each directory and these rankings will now be updated every few days! 

So what you say?  Well, if you combine this ranking system with our brand new designer paid invite system it means the higher your ranking, the more you will earn! 

For example, if someone googles 'logo design uk' they will, hopefully, come across our Logo Design UK directory.  After browsing designers they may select their favourite (for example 'pixelcloud' a freelance designer from Bristol UK) and click the 'invite to project button' (see screenshot below).  The customer will be prompted to post a project on DesignCrowd - once done, 'pixelcloud' would then receive an invitation to participate on the project

Graphic designer UK portfolioDesigner portfolios
Designer profiles have also been updated - nay, I lie - they've been overhauled and pimped.

Here are some of the new features:
  • Larger designs for better viewing
  • Information on skillsets
  • Ability to invite designers to projects
  • Sub portfolios (i.e. ability to view designs by industry / type of design)
  • New beautiful client / human / google friendly URLs for each designer portfolio

Promote yo'self fool!
The key take-away from this post for every designer is this: find your ranking / porfolio on DesignCrowd and promote it!

If you're in the top 10 Logo Designers Romania then put a link to this page on your own website / blog .  If you know a lawyer who needs a website - post a link to your lawyer web page portfolio on DesignCrowd!  They will visit, other people will see the links, people will share the links and you will win more work, clients and payments!

Want some changes?  Got ideas? Great!
We hope you like these new features but if you have further ideas or feedback hit us up on Twitter (@DesignCrowd) or via the comments below ...



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