Top 10 iPad Apps for Business
By Alec Lynch

The other week I attended a series of expert round tables for small businesses and technology companies hosted by The Insight Exchange (topics included search marketing, content curation, iPhone app development etc).  Each round table had about 10 people allowing for small, up-close interactions.

My favorite round table presentation was from a guy that used his iPad to present.  He propped it up on a little stand and slid through his presentation with his fingers.  It was slick and effective but it highlighted something to me: the iPad is not just for watching movies in your bed - it is a powerful (okay "magical") business tool and there are actually loads of iPad apps that can help you in business!

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Here are the ten of the best apps for iPad use ...

Top 10 iPad Applications

#1 - Keynote

Create presentations using the slick Mac equivalent of PowerPoint.  View app

#2 - OmniGraffle

Create flow charts and cool shapes on your iPad.  View app

#3 - Penultimate

Slick note writer for jotting notes / creating doodles.  Perfect for meetings and/or Tony Robbins conferences. View app

#4 - Dragon Dictation

Dictate into your phone and the app will type what you say!  Magic. 

View app

#5 - PrintCentral

Print to any WiFi printer from your iPad with 1 click.  Gets rave reviews.  View app

#6 - KAYAK

Flight times and flight costs.  Any airport, any country!  View app

#7 - Desktop Connect

View and control Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers from your iPad! View app

#8 - Dropbox

Share files (big and small) quickly and without email.  View app

#9 - Square

Accept payments on your iPad.  Is getting mixed reviews, but in principle good idea. View app 

#10 - Tweetdeck

Post to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn from 1 app!  View app 

In Conclusion ...

Buy an iPad, buy some of the apps above and your business will soon be listed on the stock exchange or acquired by Google. 

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Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, September 10, 2010

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