41 Inspirational Responsive Web Designs Using CSS3 Media Queries

The adoption of the CSS3 media queries specification by most major browsers has been a great thing for the web. More designers are paying attention to mobile design than ever before, and not only that: they're figuring out how to make the most of large screens while still catering to smaller resolutions, freeing themselves from the constraints of 960 pixel design.

Before you embark on your own media query experiments, check out these 41 inspirational responsive web designs.


The majority of the very first sites that cropped up using media queries were the personal sites of designers experimenting with the new technology. Check out these sites for unique, individual takes on responsive design.

1. Stephen Caver

Stephen Caver

2. Naomi Atkinson

Naomi Atkinson

3. Azeem Azeez

Azeem Azeez

4. Brad Dielman

Brad Dielman

5. Thomas Prior

Thomas Prior

6. Andy Chung

Angy Chung

7. Bastian Allgeier

Bastian Allgeier

8. Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller

9. Jeremy Madrid

Jeremy Madrid

10. Steff.me


11. Marcelino Llano


12. Ryan Merrill

Ryan Merrill

Businesses & Events

Since individual designers got comfortable with media queries, we've seen sites from design agencies and for design events start adopting responsive design techniques - and even a few more traditional businesses, such as - unexpectedly enough - St Paul's School.

13. Information Architects

Information Architects

14. Design made in Germany

Made in Germany

15. SimpleBits


16. Think Vitamin

Think Vitamin

17. Caleb Acuity

Caleb Acuity

18. Edge of My Seat

Edge of My Seat

19. Mobilism


20. Clearleft


21. Yiibu


22. Winston Design

Winston Design

23. Salter Cane

Salter Cane

24. St Paul's School

st pauls

25. UX London

UX London

26. Sparkbox

Sparkbox screenshot

Tools, Products & CSS3 Demos

One wouldn't expect it to take long before demo sites showing off the power of media queries and frameworks making them easier to work with started showing up. Check out these sites for more great responsive designs, and then take a look at some of these tools so you can get started with your own.

27. Less Framework


28. 320 and Up

320 and up

29. 1140 CSS Grid

CSS Grid

30. Lanyrd


31. Tileables


32. Little Pea Bakery

33. Robot or Not

Content Sites, Blogs & Magazines

Blogs and content-driven sites are perfect candidates for a responsive web design approach, and not just to make them better suited for mobile: when blog designs respond to the width of the window, visitors can choose the size and line length they're most comfortable with for extensive reading sessions.

34. CSS-Tricks

CSS Tricks

35. The Modern Gentleman

Modern Gentleman

36. 3200 Tigres


37. About


38. The Sweet Hat Club

Sweet Hat

39. Chicago Tribune Election Center


40. Cognition


41. Walk Indianapolis


In conclusion

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the best responsive web designs out there. We've skipped over some that are so often showcased as champions of responsive web designs as you've probably already seen them, and there are doubtless many more new designs worthy of our attention. Let us know about your own favorites in the comments.

Written by DesignCrowd on Monday, April 25, 2011

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