Top 20 Google Logos of 2011
Anyone who has the Internet has used Google and anyone that's used the Google more than once has probably noticed that Google's logo changes from time to time.  This is part of Google's Doodle4Google program which aims to make searching on the Internet more fun.

In 2011, Google has already had 231 different Google logos on their various homepages around the world!  Naturally, people will use their local Google (e.g. in Australia, we use and Google will often create logos specific to countries (whether UK to the US, from Pakistan to Panama).  Our favorite this year was a Google Doodle from Italy on Giò Pomodoro's 81st Birthday (see below). 

Google's unique approach to their corporate identity and logo design is a source of fun for its users but also a source of design and business inspiration.

In this blog, DesignCrowd has scoured the Google archives to bring you the bestest Top 20 Google Doodle Logos in 2011 (Worldwide).

#1 - Giò Pomodoro's 81st Birthday (Italy)

Giò Pomodoro was an Italian sculptor.  We'd never heard of him, but his Google logo below rocks.

Italy Google Logo 2011

#2 - Holi Festival (India)

A beautiful example of negative space in logo design.

Google Logo Holi 2011

#3 - Jim Henson's 75th Birthday (Worldwide)

Celebrating the birthday of Jim Henson (inventor of the muppets).

Google Logo Jim Henson Muppets

#4 - Mothers Day (Worldwide)

Elegant, detailed and beautiful - an appropriate design for mother's day!

Google Logo Mothers Day 2011

#5 - Birthday of Constantin Brancusi (Selected Countries)

Abstract representation of the Google logo made with sculptures (Constantin Brancusi was a Romanian/French sculptor).

Google Logo Birthday of Constantin Brancusi

#6 - Tom Jobim's Birthday (Brazil)

Tom Jobim - Brazilian songwriter.  This logo makes you feel like your on a laid-back, Brazilian holiday.  Pity it was only available to those in Brazil.

Google Logo Tom Jobim's Birthday

#7 - Spring Day (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria)

Google Logo Martisor (Spring Day) - (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria)

#8 - Panama Independence Day (Panama)

Google logo for Panama's Independence Day featuring the cute/weird national bird - 'the harpy eagle' (almost looks well-educated - thoughts?).

Google Logo Doodle Panama Independence Day - (Panama)

#9 - Oodgeroo Noonuccal's 91st Birthday (Australia)

Was an Australian poet and activist and the "first Aboriginal Australian to publish a book of verse".  The Google logo below draws inspiration from traditional Australian Aboriginal art (the oldest living art tradition in the world).

Google Logo Doodle Oodgeroo Noonuccal's 91st Birthday - (Australia)

#10 - Hideyo Noguchi's 135th Birthday (Japan)

After researching Noguchi, we learnt he was the Japanese scientist that discovered .... "the agent of syphilis as the cause of progressive paralytic disease".  Wow.  Didn't see that coming.
Google Logo Hideyo Noguchi's 135th Birthday - (Japan)

#11 - 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unification (Italy)

Second logo from Italy in the list.  While their economy is struggling, at least Google can provide joy through cool logos.

Google Logo Doodle Italy

#12 - Croatia Independence Day 2011 (Croatia)

Google Logo Doodle CroatiaIndDay

#13 - Ghana's Independence Day 2011 (Ghana)

Google Logo Ghana's Independence Day - (Ghana) 

#14 - Pakistan Indepence Day 2011 (Pakistan)

Intricate and elegant Google logo incorporating the Pakistan sickle.  

Google Logo Doodle Pakistan Logo

 #15 - Australia Day 2011 (Australia)

Australia Day happens every year in the middle of the Australian summer.  Think sunshine, beach and ice cream (represented nicely below).

Google Logo Australia Day 2011 

#16 - Thanksgiving 2011 (US)

Interactive logo that encouraged people to share the logo via Google+ (clever cross-promotion by Google).

Google Logo ThanksGiving 2011 

#17 - Kuwait National Day 2011 (Kuwait)

Google Logo Doodle Kuwait National Day

 #18 - Coming of Age Day 2011 (Japan)

Google Logo Coming of Age Day - (Japan) 

#19 - 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural (US)

Google Logo Doodle 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural - (US) 

#20 - Chinese New Year 2011 (China)

A lovely red-themed logo to help Google capture hears, minds and market share from Baidu during The Year of the Rabbit.

Google Logo Doodle China 2011 

Being lovers of good design, we love the above Google Doodles and we hope they're a source of inspiration for you as 2011 draws to a close.

#21 (Bonus) - Les Paul's 96th Birthday (Global)

This one deserves an honorable mention (as Deanna points out in the comments) it was one of the most popular and it was animated - click here to play!

Written by DesignCrowd on Monday, November 28, 2011

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