DesignCrowd acquires
DesignCrowd is pleased to announce to its beloved users the acquisition of, a leading online marketplace of premium, ready-made logo and brand marketplace, where designers can upload their favourite unused designs and buyers can find a premium quality ready-made logo fast and affordably.


Why is this good?

We believe that are going to offer even more value for their existing customers with a combined service offering. Acquiring Brandstack gives DesignCrowd things: new, talented designers; a ready-made logo offering; and market leadership. 

We think creative ideas are rare assets - they should not go to waste - and BrandCrowd will ensure they don't. It will allow us to unlock the value of our 500,000 unused designs submitted on DesignCrowd. This means every creative idea or design uploaded to DesignCrowd can lead to cash in the bank for our designers. 

Brandstack (which is being re-launched as BrandCrowd) will be both the best and the biggest ready-made logo marketplace online. 

BrandCrowd New LogoBrandstack will now be 'BrandCrowd'

In parallel with the acquisition, we're proud to announce the launch of "BrandCrowd" is the new name for Brandstack and a sister/brother website for DesignCrowd.  

In the new year we'll integrate BrandCrowd and DesignCrowd more closely (thereby improving both websites for designers and customers!).

More Designers

The acquisition will also improve the DesignCrowd service. Our designer community has now grown from 46,600 to over 50,000 designers (as we write this post we have 60,669 designers)!

Press / Buzz

This news has caused caught the attention of the crowdsourcing and tech startup press.  It has also received a fantastic response from some of the existing Brandstack and DesignCrowd users, which has warmed the cockles of our hearts.  

Techcrunch Brandstack

Read more about the press on the DesignCrowd Press page, check out today or take advantage of our introductory discount offer on BrandCrowd ($20 off - woot woot!).

Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, December 30, 2011

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