Logo Games ... Free Logo Quiz Game Hits Top 10 in App Store
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Introducing the Logos Quiz Game app - the 'logo game' for the iPhone and iPad that is taking the world by storm.

If you haven't seen people playing the game, you soon will.  The free logo game (which can be downloaded from the App Store) is currently listed by Apple as a Top 10 App in 8 countries around the world - including Australia, Ireland and Belgium!  While other "logo games" have come and gone, but this one has 'tipped' with the addictive iPhone game proving popular with everyone from designers to business people to pimply faced teens. 

DesignCrowd wanted to blog about this logo game so our designers and users could join in on the fun and test out their "logo IQ"!

How the Game Works

  1. Users are shown logos for famous brands with parts of the logo deleted.
  2. Users have to guess the name of the logo.  If you guess all the logos for a level you move onto the next level (there are 8 in total with each level getting more obscure / harder).
  3. If you get stuck, users can ask their friends on Facebook / Twitter for advice.

Logo Game

5 Reasons the Logo Game is Good

  1. It's free
  2. It's super fun
  3. It's addictive 
  4. There are 8 levels
  5. It involves your friends (which helps the game / app spread like wildfire)


Our view is this game rocks (and users agree with the average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on iTunes).  Ironically, the logo/icon for the App itself sucks - but other than that it seems like a lot of effort has been put into the development of the game.  While the game can be played on both the iPhone and iPad, DesignCrowd staff think you'll enjoy it the most on the iPad (easier to see the beautiful logos).

Have you played the game?  Did you like it?  How far did you get?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by DesignCrowd on Saturday, May 12, 2012

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