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DesignBay is proud to announce we will be running a crowdsourcing experiment as part of Webciety 2009 Sydney and we want you (designers, our customers and the public) to participate! 

The Experiment

Task: Invent a tagline (with fewer than 100 characters) for Australia's 2018 Soccer World Cup Bid.  Tagline should summarise why Australia should be selected to host the World Cup.  View the taglines submitted so far here.

Prize: $100 and 1 year of good karma

How to submit: send your 100 character tagline to Twitter by writing a Twitter message that starts with @DesignBay_com #webciety #aust-2018-cup.

Deadline: Midnight 31st May 2009


The objectives of this experiment are:

1) To demonstrate the power of the crowd;
2) To estimate how much creativity each $1 of crowdsourcing spend can generate; and
3) To come up with a pitch that will help Australia to win the World Cup in 2018

Logic / Methodology / Theory 

Our hypothesis is that crowdsourcing and competition extracts more energy / creativity than you would normally expect to get for a given budget / reward. 

 DesignBay's $1 Crowdsourcing Experiment
We want to try and estimate what a the # of ideas per dollar crowdsourcing can generate (a baseline) from which to compare traditional approaches to creativity.

Subject choice:
Copywriting (inventing a tagline) is a good application and perhaps the purest form of crowdsourcing (as anyone that can write can participate and it can take only a few seconds to think of an idea).  In this experiment, each tagline represents roughly 1 creative idea which we will refer to as a 'creative BIT' or 'C-BIT' (note: this is no relation to the CeBIT Tradeshow).  Our prize of $100 spread over 100 hours will help us determine how many ideas $1 per hour will generate on a topic (the 2018 Soccer World cup) capable of attracting the largets crowd possible.

This is not a perfect experiment - you will not find lab coats or control groups here, only fun and creativity.

'Crowdsourcing for business' presentation
I'll be presenting some of the findings and talking more about crowdsourcing during a 'Crowdsourcing for business' presentation on Tuesday 12th of May 2009 at 3pm at the CeBIT expo Darling Harbour, Sydney.  Hope to see you there, otherwise: get your thinking caps on and twitter us your ideas!

* This contest is unofficial and unsanctioned



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