Zombifying A Person Photoshop Tutorial

After I found myself a suitable source pic (1), I first used Hue/Saturation, to decrease the overall saturation and make the colours greener, and did this especially near the lips (2). For the head, I looked for a picture of a skull which was taken from roughly the same angle (3), and used a layer mask to make it seem as if her eye had been taken out (4).

Zombifying Mandy Moore Photoshop tutorial

In the neck area (1), I used source pictures of a leg with spider veins (2), a mummy and a war victim (3). Source pictures which are usable for such a contest aren't always pleasant to look at...I experimented a lot with different blend modes, till it looked right. I finally decided the features of her body wheren't clear enough, so I did some masking adjustments to bring them back (4).

Zombifying Mandy Moore Photoshop tutorial

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The clothes (1) were soiled with a soft brush in red and greenish black colours, while using the overlay layer mode (2).

Zombifying Mandy Moore Photoshop tutorial

Finally it was time for some more detailed work. I took the image from (1) to (2) by, among other things:

  • drawing little zits and such
  • using hue/saturation very selectively to tone down the saturation and make some skin extremely green
  • desaturating the hair completely
  • using overlay, soft light and color burn layers and soft red and black brushes to add more shadow and bloody parts
Zombifying Mandy Moore Photoshop tutorial

Hope this helps you a bit. Be creative and have fun! :D

Photoshop tutorial by molf originally posted on Worth1000.

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Written by DesignCrowd on Thursday, June 9, 2016

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